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You May Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Insurance policies for privately owned vehicles (personal auto insurance policies) may not cover damage to your car or truck when it is used for business, even home cosmetics, jewelry sales or a pizza delivery.

Commercial auto insurance can cover a combination of vehicle types (trucks, cars) and drivers, as well as some types of motorized equipment. It provides for bodily injury liability and property damage while operating a company automobile, medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for the driver and passengers of the policyholder’s car. Injuries or damage to someone else are also covered.

If you have a commercial auto insurance policy you may want to consider Hired/Non-owned Coverage. Are you renting cars or are your employees using their own vehicles? This particular coverage provides business insurance coverage for certain liabilities arising from the use of a rented or leased vehicle (hired), or a non-owned vehicle (employee using their own vehicle on company business). Oftentimes this coverage can be added inexpensively to a business auto policy, or in some cases, a general liability policy.

Make sure you are covered. If you are using your vehicle for delivery or transporting clients, supplies or other goods you probably need a commercial auto insurance policy. If you already have commercial auto insurance, make sure it has the coverage you need.



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