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General Liability Insurance

What is General Liability Insurance:

General liability insurance is the most basic type of insurance which will protect you against lawsuits against your business; slip and falls, personal injury, liable/slander, product liability, fire legal liability all can be protected with a general liability insurance policy.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance:

  • Restaurants: protection against consumers getting sick and/or getting injured in the restaurant.
  • Carpenter: his work damages the structure he is working in or he bursts a water pipeline by accident.
  • Hair Stylist: Trip and fall / personal injury.
  • Cable Installer: Hits a main city power line which results in him getting sued

Who Can Request I have General Liability Insurance:

  • Land Lord
  • Large Clients
  • Contractor
  • City or Government Entity

What is an Additional Insured:

An additional insured is an entity who shares the same protection as the named insured on a liability insurance policy. Entities such as land lords and contractors will at times request they be added on your policy.

Acord Certificate of Insurance:

A certificate of insurance is a document showing your business has insured. Acord is simply the name of the company which sets the standards on how the certificate is written. ACORD DOES NOT INSURE YOU.

About Our Premier Austin Insurance Team

Bound Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in Austin, TX. This means we have the ability to hold contracts with multiple insurance companies, increasing the chances of us offering you a better price and coverage. Even though we can represent almost every company in the insurance market, we choose to only work with top A rated companies, who offer broad coverage, and have an excellent track record of paying claims, stability, and service . Being independent but at the same time limiting the number of companies (to the best in the market) gives us the flexibility to help our customers by offering most coverage, at the right price, with the best company.

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